10 Things To Do At The Carole Nash Historic Festival

Find out what the Historic Festival has in store for you this summer.

This is Ireland’s only historic motor race meeting featuring Vintage, Classic, Racing Cars and Motorcycles from the roaring ’20s through the swinging ’60s. 

We have compiled a list of the top 10 things to see.

#1 Celebrate 100 years of Le Man

The world’s greatest endurance race will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023. Mondello Park is excited to celebrate this historic event and look at the history of the world-renowned event. Ireland has a rich history in this famous race, and we’ll be showcasing what we’ve brought to this event over the weekend.

#2 Take in the historic cars & bikes in The Paddock

Mondello Park welcomes a great range of car and motorcycle clubs to the race track this coming summer. It’s a fascinating event that you don’t want to miss! No matter what you’re looking for, this is the ultimate event for classic vehicle enthusiasts! For any classic car or bike owner, enthusiast, collector, club member, or simply anyone looking for an exciting and unique day out, this event is a must!

#3 Check out the Martin Birrane collection 

Since 1968, Mondello Park has been a focal point of Irish Motorsport, so it makes sense that the Martin Birrane Collection should be there. In the collection, former Mondello Park owner Martin Birrane compiled a treasure trove of beautiful, historic racing cars throughout a lifetime.

Some iconic machines are on display from the worlds of saloon cars, sports cars, and Formula 1 in the Martin Birrane collection, described as the hidden gem of Irish motor racing.

#4 Dress up for the period

Are you up for an evening of roaring cars and elegant dresses? Ladies and gentlemen, get dressed up to the nines, don your caps and hats, and get ready for Ireland’s biggest & most enjoyable classic car racing. Stylish vintage garments, accessories, and classic pieces make the event an unforgettable weekend.

#5 Watch classic & vintage car racing

With a number of vantage points all around the track, there are plenty of spots to plan your day’s viewing! 2022 saw dozens of Frazer Nash class cars battle it out on track; where else will you see cars from the 1920s racing at an international motorsport venue? You’ll also get the rare chance to see classics from the Martin Birrane collection on track, with 2023 focusing on our links to Le Mans.

#6 Visit our vintage funfair 

A traditional funfair with an old-school big wheel and carousel will delight all generations at the event during classic car racing. The Historic Event is the perfect family day out, letting your little-ones catch their breath from the best of historic motorsport on the track.

#7 Get arrested!

Keeping the peace on the day will be our period re-enactment group, ensuring our Frazer Nash’s are taxed and insured!!! Always looking to arrest you (or take a photo with you), be sure to stop them for a chat; they’re always happy to talk about all things historical!

#8 Watch our Swing Bands in The Paddock

Our Swing Bangs are always a favourite attraction at the Historic Festival, a great way to get people up and dancing. The band will be sure to keep the atmosphere lively and get everyone on the dance floor with their energetic performances. Fast-tempo trumpets, trombones, clarinets and saxophones will surely perk your energy levels again! Classy, exciting and stylish instrumental music you’ll love.

#9 Take a seat in the stand and watch for a surprise!

We’re always looking to add plenty of surprises to our Historic Festival! From vintage plane flyovers, all drummer bands, celebrity appearances and the best of Irish drivers, you can simply take a seat in the stand and wait for the excitement to come to you!

#10 Get yourself some retail therapy

Trade and merchandise stands can be found all over the track. You can pick up products from fellow motor enthusiasts and talk to them about all motorsport-related things.