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Redeem Rally Experience Gift Certificates


Don’t miss your chance to live out your rally driving dreams. Book your Rally Experience now and experience the excitement of going sideways in a purpose-built rally car. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned driver, our professional instructors are ready to guide you through the adventure of a lifetime. Get ready to conquer the rally track like a pro!

Top Speed

210 km/h

0-60 Time

7.6 seconds


143 BHP


175 LB/FT

What To Expect

Feel the thrill as you slide into the driver’s seat of a purpose-built rally car, ready to kick up a storm on our freshly crafted rally circuit. Engineered to keep your heart racing, this track offers the perfect blend of loose surfaces and tarmac. But the excitement doesn’t end there – with a professional Driving Instructor riding shotgun, you’ll be pushed to your limits and expertly guided through every twist and turn. This is no ride for the faint-hearted; it’s a full-throttle adrenaline rush.