The Martin Birrane Collection | Mondello Park


Get up close and personal with world-class racing cars!

Mondello Park has been the focal point of Irish Motorsport since 1968 so it stands to reason that it should be home to the Martin Birrane Collection, a treasure trove of beautiful, historic racing cars, the result of a lifetime of collecting by former Mondello Park owner and racing enthusiast Martin Birrane.

Described as the hidden gem of Irish motor racing, the Martin Birrane collection includes some iconic and rare machinery from the worlds of saloon and sportscar racing and of course Formula One. Check out the Benetton B186, the car that earned the team their first Grand Prix victory in Mexico in 1986.

The unique collection includes IndyCars, sportscars and even a selection of NASCARs. Among these is the Jordan 194 driven by Eddie Irvine, the 1967 Lola T92 driven by Jackie Stewart in the Indy 500, the 94 Lola IndyCar driven by Nigel Mansell and the 2004 Lola Champ Car driven by Sebastian Bourdais.

One of the most important cars in the collection, certainly to the Mondello Park team, is the fabulous BMW M1 Pro Car with which Martin Birrane took class victory in the Le Mans 24-hour race of 1985. The sportscar collection includes the famous Porsche 962 and the MG Lola driven by Anthony Reid in 2001.

The Martin Birrane collection at Mondello Park is open to the public during the racing season and is completely free of charge. However,  If you would like to visit the collection out of season, please email or call the Customer Experience Team on +353 45 860200 so we can make a Park team member available to show you around.