Redeem BMW Driving Experience Gift Certificates - Mondello Park

Redeem BMW Driving Experience Gift Certificates

€249 - €269

Book in and rev up your passion for driving with the BMW Driving Experience at Mondello Park. Discover true driving pleasure and leave the ordinary behind. It’s time to embrace the extraordinary with BMW M – where the letter ‘M’ signifies genuine sports car excellence.

Book your BMW Driving Experience now and explore the true essence of M Power. Buckle up, take on the track, and discover the thrill of BMW M for yourself. It’s time to make your driving dreams a reality.

Top Speed

249 km/h

0-60 Time

4.1 seconds


374 BHP


368 LB/FT

What To Expect

Having honed your agility and precision in a BMW 1 Series, it’s time to slip into the driver’s seat of the BMW M2 Series Coupé at Ireland’s sole internationally accredited race circuit. Prepare to unleash the formidable might of this precision-crafted BMW M on the iconic Mondello Park track. Brace yourself for the fulfilment of your long-held driving fantasies.