Driving Simulator | State-Of-The-Art Simulators At Mondello Park

The Simulator Experience


Get ready for the ultimate racing challenge with the Simulator Experience at Mondello Park. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional race driver, now is your chance to find out.

Our state-of-the-art simulators are trusted by professional race drivers, rally drivers, and drifters for training. Now, you can step into their shoes and experience the thrill of high-speed racing in a virtual world. This fully immersive, risk-free environment uses top-tier equipment to deliver an ultra-realistic racing experience.




45 mins




Our state-of-the-art simulators are used by professional race drivers, rally drivers and drifters to help them train. So, why not try them out yourself and find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a professional driver!

This high-octane, fully immersive virtual experience uses the highest spec equipment on the market, in order to give you an ultra-real experience of racing in a fun, cost effective and risk-free environment. Whether you are looking to dip your toe in racing for the first time, or want to put your racing skills to the test, this is definitely not an experience to be missed!

On The Day

The Digital Motorsports experience includes a briefing followed by:

  • Guided on-track tuition from one of our professional instructors
  • 10-minute open practice session with tuition from our instructors
  • 15-minute Hot lap Challenge on the Mondello National Track – try to make it onto our leader board and find out how you compare to your peers.
  • 15-minute open session – choose any car on any track. Ever wanted to drive a Ferrari around Monaco? Now you can!

You will learn about racing techniques such as racing lines, trail braking and left foot braking, along with real life factors like tyre wear, understeer and oversteer.

This Simulator Experience typically lasts 45 minutes

We also offer monetary vouchers.


No prior racing experience is required. Our professional instructors will provide guided on-track tuition, ensuring that even beginners can enjoy the thrill of virtual racing.

The Simulator Experience typically lasts for 45 minutes of action-packed racing excitement. This includes a briefing, guided tuition, open practice, hot lap challenge, and an open session where you can choose any car on any track.


No, a driving licence is not required as the Simulator Experience takes place in a virtual environment on high-end simulators.


Absolutely! We offer monetary vouchers that can be used to purchase the Simulator Experience experience. Whether you are into racing or not, this gift makes a unique and exciting present for anyone who loves the sport.


Our state-of-the-art simulators use the highest-spec equipment available, providing an ultra-realistic and immersive racing encounter. Using this system will make you feel like you’re on the track, experiencing the thrill of racing without risk.


 While the Simulator Experience is designed for individual participation, you and your friends or family can book separate sessions and compare lap times to see who comes out on top!


Yes, we do permit recording and photography during your racing session to capture memories of your Simulator Experience. Feel free to bring your camera or smartphone to document your action-packed laps and thrilling moments on the virtual track.