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Looking for a product launch venue that is so outside the box that it cuts through the noise in your industry?

Ever thought of a working race track?

Mondello Park has hosted countless product launches. And no, your product or service doesn’t need to have a motor theme – we have facilitated and assisted in the launch of products and services that are designed for any and every industry. The only common feature is that the client is looking for a venue that brings an extra spark of excitement.

With spaces that allow intimate gatherings for press launches, right the way up to receptions for 300 people in our world-renowned Museum of Motorsport, Mondello Park really is your blank canvas when it comes to product launches.

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In order to meet the specific needs of product launches, Mondello Park can accommodate events of various sizes and layouts. Here’s how they can achieve this:

  • Indoor Spaces: Mondello Park’s product launch venue includes spacious indoor areas that can be adapted to suit various event sizes. The venue can be divided into sections or configured to create separate zones, allowing for different activities or presentations to take place simultaneously.
  • Flexible Room Configurations: Mondello Park’s corporate suites can be configured in multiple ways to accommodate different event sizes and layouts. Whether it’s theater-style seating for presentations, classroom-style setups for workshops, or open floor plans for trade shows, the venue can adapt to suit the specific requirements of each product launch event.
  • Outdoor Areas: Besides indoor spaces, we offer expansive outdoor areas that can be utilized for product launches. These outdoor spaces can be used for exhibits, demonstrations, or interactive experiences related to the launched products. The outdoor areas can be tailored to accommodate large-scale setups or to create a more intimate atmosphere.
  • Scalable Services: Mondello Park’s event packages can be tailored to match the event size and layout. We offer scalable services, including audiovisual equipment, seating arrangements, and catering options, which can be adjusted according to the number of attendees and the desired event setup.

At Mondello Park, a range of audiovisual equipment and technology is available to enhance the event experience. We offer professional sound systems to ensure clear and high-quality audio during presentations, speeches, or performances. 

These systems can be tailored to match the size and acoustics of the event space. Various types of microphones are available to cater to different presenter preferences and event requirements. We ensure that speakers are properly amplified, allowing their voices to be heard clearly by the audience.

For visual presentations, Mondello Park provides screens to display slideshows, videos, and other multimedia content. The projectors are equipped with high-resolution capabilities to deliver sharp and vibrant visuals. 

Mondello Park offers a variety of conference rooms that can be adapted to suit different event needs. When planning a product launch, consider the following conference room layouts that work well for such occasions:

1. Theater Style:

  • Ideal for large product launches with a focus on presentations and keynote speeches.
  • Arrange rows of chairs facing a central stage or presentation area.
  •  This layout allows for maximum seating capacity and clear visibility of the stage.

2. Classroom Style:

  • Suitable for product launches that involve training sessions or workshops.
  •  Arrange tables in rows with chairs facing the front of the room.
  •  Each attendee has a workspace, making it conducive for note-taking and interactive sessions.

3. U-Shape:

  • Effective for product launches that involve discussion-based sessions or interactive presentations.
  •  Arrange tables and chairs in a U-shape, with a clear space in the middle.
  •  This layout encourages face-to-face interaction among attendees and allows for easy viewing of presentations.

4. Boardroom Style:

  • Suitable for smaller, more intimate product launches or executive meetings.
  • Arrange a large table in the center of the room with chairs placed around it.
  •  This layout promotes focused discussions and collaboration among a limited number of participants.

5. Banquet Style:

  •  Suitable for product launches that include a formal dinner or awards ceremony.
  •  Arrange round tables with chairs evenly distributed around them.
  •  This layout encourages networking, conversation, and a more relaxed atmosphere.

6. Reception Style:

  • Ideal for product launches with a focus on networking and mingling.
  • Set up high cocktail tables and scattered seating areas throughout the room.
  • This layout allows attendees to move freely, interact with one another, and explore product displays or exhibits.

7. Lounge Style:

  • A contemporary and relaxed layout suitable for product launches with a casual atmosphere.
  • Arrange comfortable seating options such as sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables.
  • This layout encourages informal conversations, networking, and a more laid-back experience.

Consider the nature of your product launch, the number of attendees, and the desired atmosphere when selecting a conference room layout at Mondello Park. Consult with our venue staff for further assistance in choosing the most appropriate room and configuring it to meet your specific requirements.