Employee Events - Your job is to deliver ‘something different’, right?

Whether you are an SME, Multinational or a Destination Management Company, Mondello Park is a unique place to do business, build relationships with clients, host team building sessions, product launches or driver training, or celebrate with colleagues.

For a start, we are Ireland’s only internationally approved motor racing circuit. You can’t get more unique than that. Yet we have so much more to offer than our electrifying motorsport activities.

Mondello Park is 100 acres of green-field space. Imagine the spectacles you could stage in that arena. So, whether you are looking for an exhilarating, fun-packed experience that will test your guests but ultimately bring them together, a distinctive venue for a meeting, conference, training course or banquet, or the right site for a show-stopping event or brand activation, talk to our corporate sales team today.

Corporate entertainment and team building events can be a challenge in the world we live in where almost everything has been done, but don’t worry, we’ve got the space and the ideas to help you launch your product, connect with your customers, reward or train your staff, get them working together better or celebrate a success.

With the perfect combination of outdoor activities and corporate suites Mondello is a unique location for corporate events such as team building, product launches, and driver training.


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