Fleet Driver Training | Driver Safety - Mondello Park

Where better to learn about driver safety and reducing risk than on Ireland’s only FIA approved racetrack?

In our fleet driver training courses, drivers learn both the theory behind safe driving and the practical aspect. We understand that every company is different when it comes to employee roles and vehicles driven, and so your fleet training day is tailored to your needs.

Examples of practical aspects of the driver courses are:

  • On-Road Awareness Training – includes potential hazards strategically positioned around the 3.5km track
  • Distracted Driving Training – includes brake reaction testing skills
  • Driver Smoothness Training
  • Load Bearing Training – includes using our Virtual Driving Academy to simulate the differences loads can make to all vehicles
  • Inclement Weather Training – using our Virtual Race Academy to simulate the differences different weather conditions can make
  • Vehicle Assessment Checks – training makes little difference if your vehicle isn’t properly cared for. Drivers, not just fleet managers, have a responsibility to look after their vehicle. This includes maintaining correct tyre pressures, checking thread depth, and checking coolant, oil and windscreen washer levels.

Good for morale and for the bottom line

As well as improving company morale, these courses ensure better fuel efficiency and assist with reducing unnecessary depreciation on a fleet.
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