Irish Rallycross Grand Prix - Mondello Park

June 3rd & 4th 2023

The Motorsport UK British Rallycross Championship 5 Nations Trophy and the Irish Rallycross Championships will contest the Irish Rallycross Grand Prix at Mondello Park on Saturday June 3rd and Sunday June 4th.

The two championships will combine for the biggest rallycross event seen in Ireland for forty years as they contest two completely separate championship rounds, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. A field of more than 25 Supercars will battle through the all-action heats to see who will make the grid for the championship final with all races brodcast live on YouTube and Facebook.

Rallycross Cars are split into classes ranging from Production Cars, through Modified Cars and high performance single seat RallyX Buggies, to the spectacular 4 Wheel Drive RallyX Supercars that accellerate faster than an F1 Car. All of the current British and Irish classes will be present at the eventy with fierce competiton expected with drivers from each nation vying for supremacy.

The Rallycross Grand Prix will kick off with a series of four lap heats, with up to eight cars on each grid, and the results of these heats will determine the qualifiers and the grid positions for the finals. To add extra spice to the excitement each race will include a Joker Lap, which each driver must take once per race.In the finals the fastest drivers in each class will get to race for championship points. The non-stop action culminates in the Superfinal where the fastest eight drivers across all of the classes race against each other over six laps.

More information on the 2023 Parts For Cars Irish RallyX Championship can be found on the Championships’ dedicated web site Information on the British 5 Nations Series can be found at

The Irish RallyX Grand Prix weekend will be made up of two days of action packed racing. Each day will be a separate round of both the British 5 Nations and Irish Championships, with an identical schedule and event entry.

An impressive grid of RallyX Supercars is expected as we look forward to the biggest Irish RallyX event of the season. Large grids will also line up for the two wheel drive Supernational, Modified, Buggy and Retro classes with the Junior, Mini's and Swiftsport classes also on the programme.

All classes will race in a series of three heats to decide qualification for the championship points scoring finals with each driver starting on different places on the up to ten-car grid grid in each heat. The heats are ranked by the time taken for each driver to finish and the fastest drivers go through to the semi-finals and final.

09:00 - Practice - 60 Minutes
10:00 - Qualifying - 70 Minutes
11:10 - Break - 15 Minutes
11:25 - Qualifying 2 - 70 Minutes
12:35 - LUNCH BREAK - 60 Minutes
13:35 - Qualifying 3 - 70 Minutes
14:45 - Break - 15 Minutes
15:00 - Semi Finals - 40 Minutes
15:40 - Break - 15 Minutes
15:55 - Finals - 55 Minutes
16:50 - Break - 15 Minutes
17:05 - Superfinal - 7 minutes

RallyX is a very accessible sport and ideal for families. The races are short and come thick and fast so there is always something happening on-track. When the action stops for lunch, or a break between qualifying runs, you can get a closer look at the cars in the pits and paddock, where the friendly competitors will be happy to tell you more about their machines.

The Mondello Park main straight Grandstand is free to enter and gives a very good view of a large portion of the RallyX track, as it overlooks the action packed first corner.

The whole event will also be available to watch on the IRX facebook page and the Mondello Park YouTube channel as well as on the IRX website.


Adult Admission - €17.50 (+ €1 fee)
Under 16 Admission - FREE
Grandstand seating - FREE

Adult Admission - €17.50 (+ €1 fee)
Under 16 Admission - FREE
Grandstand seating - FREE


BRX 2023 ROUND 1 Supercar Final