Strykers - Mondello Park

What is this class?: Strykers

Strykers are a Caterham-kit-car style one-make series. They are small, simple, lightweight open-top sports cars weighing only 640kgs, including driver. They put out 170bhp from a Ford Zetec engine. The Stryker is one of the lowest cost cars to maintain in Irish circuit racing. Being light in weight, it does not wear consumables like tyres, brakes and suspension as much as other classes of racing cars.

How fast do these cars go?
Strykers can reach speeds of 170kph.

How much do these cars cost?
Strykers are on sale from €6,000.

And what do they cost to run for a season?
Costs vary depending on whether you are running your own car or are with a team.

How do I drive these cars? What are the licence requirements?
You can race a Stryker on a National B race licence.

Tell me something interesting about this class
The Stryker design is based on the legendary Lotus 7 which was designed by Lotus founder Colin Chapman. Stephen Ross is the 2019 Irish Champion.

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