Pre-Injection - Mondello Park


What is this class?
The Pre-Injection class is split into two divisions, up to 600cc and 600cc–1000cc. Bikes in the class must be derived from models that did not have fuel injection as standard and must run with carburettors. The championship is basically for old Supersport and Superbike machinery as bikes running in the class are also eligible for those classes. Pre-Injection is one of the main feeder classes for Supersport and Superbike. Machines used in the 600cc class tend to be old Supersport machines with the class dominated by Yamaha R6s and Honda CBRs. The 1000cc is new for 2020 and the types of bikes likely to feature is currently unknown. Eligible machinery for the new 1000cc class includes the Yamaha R1 up to 2001, Honda Fireblade up to 1999, Kawasaki ZX7R up to 2003 and the Suzuki GSXR up to 1999.

Who can race these bikes?
Pre-Injection 600 – Any rider who is 16 years old or older and holds a MCUI Short Circuit or Short Circuit Novice licence.
Pre-Injection 1000 – Any rider who is 18 or older and holds a MCUI Short Circuit licence or a Short Circuit Intermediate Novice licence. The Intermediate Novice licence is only granted to novice riders who have a full road licence.

What bike should I go for?
The best option in the 600cc class is a well sorted used machine that is as new as you can afford. While Yamaha R6s are the most plentiful bike on the grid, a good Honda can run at the front. In the 1000cc class all the eligible bikes were front runners when they were Superbikes so personal preference will be a major decider. Ex-Superbike machines that are no longer competitive are plentiful and these may be a better option than building a bike from scratch.

Licence requirements
600cc Age – 16 years old or older.
600cc Licence Type – Short Circuit or Short Circuit Novice.
1000cc Age – 18 years old or older.
1000cc Licence Type – Short Circuit or Short Circuit Intermediate Novice.