Moto ONE – Mondello Park

Moto ONE

What is this class?
Moto ONE combines three different types of bike in the one championship. All three classes of bike are small capacity low-powered machines, designed to offer a way into the sport for young racers and newcomers. Permitted bikes are listed below. Only limited modifications are allowed.

1. Aprilia 125cc two-stroke single-cylinder production based machines (formerly the Young Guns class).
2. Four-stroke production based bikes including Kawasaki Ninja, Yamaha R3 and KTM 390 (formerly the Junior Cup class).
3. Tianda TDR300, single-cylinder 280cc purpose-built race bike.

Who can race these bikes?
Riders from twelve years old can race these machines with no upper age limit. The Moto ONE class races are combined with the Junior Supersport machines which can also be ridden by Junior riders.

What bike should I go for?
There are pros and cons for each bike type. Here is our assessment.
Aprilia 125cc – These bikes are becoming rare and are only available second hand. Well used race bikes can be bought for less than €1,000 in some cases but will not be competitive against the newer machinery as the basic design is now more than 25 years old. Having said that, these bikes can make a very good first machine before progressing on to the four-stroke classes.

Junior Cup bikes – Junior Cup bikes are kept fairly standard and can be built up from a road bike by the addition of race suspension and exhaust equipment and a couple of other additions. Older second-hand bikes, which could be capable of winning in the class with a quick rider on board, can be bought for €3,000 and upwards, depending on their age. New bikes, complete with the kit to go racing, are available as packages from manufacturers but can cost €7,000–€8,000 to build completely. Though expensive, new bikes have the advantages of reliability and guaranteed performance compared to an unknown second-hand machine.

Tianda TDR 300 – The Chinese imported Tianda machine is new for 2020 and its performance against the existing machines is unknown. Its reliability is also as yet unknown. Packages costing €4,500 upwards are available from the importer for brand new bikes. The advantage of these bikes is that they are purpose built for racing. They are less powerful than the Junior Cup bikes but lighter and more adjustable and may therefore be able to compete at the front of the Moto ONE field.

Licence requirements
Age –12 years old or older.
Licence Type – Short Circuit or Short Circuit Novice.