Historics – Mondello Park

What is this class?: Historic

The Historic Racing Car Association (formed in 1987) preserves and promotes historic and classic sports and racing cars. Under the auspices of Motorsport Ireland, it runs a race championship for historic and classic racing cars including MG Midgets, Sunbeam Tigers and Porsches.

How fast do these cars go?
The speed varies a lot in this class.

How much do these cars cost?
Historic cars are on sale from €5,000.

And what do they cost to run for a season?
The cost varies depending on what car you are running.

How do I drive these cars? What are the licence requirements?
You will need a National B licence or higher.

Tell me something interesting about this class
There is a wide range of historic cars racing in this class. Race competitors race saloon and sports cars of the 50s, 60s and 70s with a newly introduced class for pre ’83 cars.

You can find more information here – www.hrca.ie