Future Classics - Mondello Park

What is this class?: Future Classics

Future Classics is a motor racing series catering for production saloons, hatchbacks, coupés, estates and GT cars that would not normally fit into any other Irish saloon car racing series. Eligible cars must have been produced up to the end of 2004. This date will be capped until the end of 2024. The regulations are kept to a minimum and are straightforward. However, these regulations must be adhered to to ensure fair competition to all drivers competing.

How fast do these cars go?
Depending on the class, the cars lap Mondello Park National Track in 1.07.00. Cars in the Super Futures Class, which is slightly faster than the Future Classics class, hit top speeds close to 160kph).

How much do cars cost?
Depending on the class (Future Classics or Super Future Classics) cars can be bought from anything from €1,500 to €7,000.

How much do the cars cost to run for the season?
Due to the relaxed technical regulations, the cars are very cheap to run for the year. Six to eight tyres should get you out for the season. Class registration is €80. Entry fees on average are approximately €350 for a double header. The total cost including tyres, fuel, entry fees and class registration would be somewhere between €3,500 and €5,000.

How to get involved / What are the licence requirements?
You will need a minimum of a National B Race Licence. You may be required to complete an Introduction to Motorsport course if you are a newcomer or possess a licence from a different motorsport discipline. Information on these courses, which are run at Mondello Park, is available on the Motorsport Ireland website.

Tell me something interesting about this class
The class is divided into two sub-classes: Future Classics and the slightly faster Super Future Classics. The Future Classics carry a dayglow yellow stripe below the class sponsor windscreen visor and the Super Future Classics sport a dayglow pink stripe. The Super Future Classics start in front of the Future Classics on the grid and the classes both have Lap Time Barriers in order to prevent excessive spending on the cars.

You can find more information at www.futureclassics.ie or www.facebook.com/FutureClassicsRacing.