Fiesta ST - Mondello Park

What is this class?
A one-make championship for Fiesta ST 150 Model cars. Eligible cars are 3-door hatch-back, built in the years 2004 to 2008 inclusive, with the Duratec HE 14 2 LITRE 150 BHP engine.
The Mondello Park Fiesta ST Championship was introduced as a next step for successful Zetec drivers and it was, like the lower-powered sister class, an instant success.

How fast do these cars go?
Fiesta STs cars can get up to 160kph on the main straight in Mondello Park.

How much do these cars cost?
Cars needing work have changed hands for as little as €5,500 but a top car, ready to race, might command €9,000 or more.

And what do they cost to run for a season?
You can run a Fiesta Zetec yourself for approximately €850 per race weekend.

How do I drive these cars? What are the licence requirements?
You can drive a Fiesta ST with a National B licence.

Tell me something interesting about this class
The 2.0 cars are far quicker than the Zetecs. The grid includes a list of multiple champions, including Erik Holstein, Michael Cullen and Dave Maguire. Both of the Fiesta classes compete in Mondello Park, Kirkistown and Bishopscourt Race Circuit during the season.

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