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Motorcycle Track Days

Motorcycle Track Days are open to riders over 16, with their own motorcycles, who possess a full road licence, a current MCUI licence or have successfully completed a Mondello Park Track Day Training course.

  • Riders can book for the Novice, Intermediate or Advanced sessions.
  • Track Days take place mainly on the International Circuit layout with occasional days on the National layout.
  • Pit lane garages are free to use, including our electricity supply. However they must be booked in advance.
  • Covid dependent, Hospitality suite provided above the garages for riders to relax in between sessions with complimentary Tea & Coffee.
  • 1-1 sessions are available with instructors on the day free of charge.

Open Pitlane Track Days for smaller group of Intermediate and Advanced riders only

  • All intermediate riders will be issued with a Hi-Viz bib on the day which will help identify them on track.
  • Safety is always our priority at track days and our open pitlane track day will be no different.

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On all of Mondello Park's Motorcycle Track Days riders will be split into three groups:

If it is your first track day, you are advised to join the Novice group - should you find it too slow you can always move to a different group once there are spaces available.

Race bikes can only run in the Advanced Group - Track and road bikes can run in all three groups.

Groups alternate on track throughout the day and Bike2Bike instructors are always on track during the Novice and Intermediate sessions.

Everyone attending must present one of the following:

A current, full road bike licence for the type of motorcycle they are riding (18 and over only).
A Mondello Park Track Day Licence accompanied by photo ID (18 and over only).
A current MCUI short circuit licence.

Your licence must be produced at every track day you attend. No Exceptions

All riders must sign-on and must attend a briefing before they go on track no matter what their level of experience.

If you have booked in and are late for sign on your place may be given away - So early arrival is advised

Morning Sign on: 08:00 – 08:45
Morning Briefing: 09:30
Morning Session: 10:00 – 13:00

Afternoon Sign on: 13:00 – 13:30
Afternoon Briefing: 13:30
Afternoon Session: 14:00 – 17:30

The following Rules must be obeyed:

Riders will not be permitted on track without attending a briefing. No Exceptions regardless of experience.

Riders must wear full leathers or two piece zip together leathers , as well as Leather Gloves and Leather Boots.

Only full face and modular (Flip) helmets are accepted, no open face.

Back and Chest protectors are also recommended but not required.

Motorcycles and riders clothing and equipment must be in roadworthy condition.

Go Pros - Can not be used on your helmet,  but are allowed only when securely fitted to your bike

Cancellations of 5 days or more of the date of the event
- Refunds will be less an administration fee of €25 per person

Cancellations of 4 days (96 Hours) and less than of the date of the event
- No refund, no credit note/rescheduling.

No refunds will be offered to riders who book for a full or half day and only participate in a portion of their booking, for whatever reason, including weather conditions.

It is important that all riders choose the group that is suitable to their ability. If riders are found to have chosen a group not suitable this could result in delayed track time or loss of track time until a place is found in the appropriate group or loss of payment if a group is not available.

We can change the name of riders on any bookings with no additional costs on all Bookings, please email changes to

All bookings must be made before 5:30PM  on the eve of the event.

You can not purchase fuel on site - however the nearest garage is only 4km away and you can always refuel at lunch time

Currently we do not offer a tyre changing facility.

1/2 day morning or afternoon – €135

Full-Day – €195

If you purchase 10 track days throughout the year, you get the 11th free!

Top Tips for Attending Track Training Days:

  • Pack the night before (keep a list of items packed) Don’t forget the key for your bike!
  • Arrive at the circuit early (sign on starts @ 8.00am)
  • Check your PPE - Boots, Leathers, Back and Chest Protector, Helmet and Gloves (PPE helps minimise injury should something go wrong. Make sure it fits, for advice, please ask)
  • Fuel up before you arrive -the nearest garage is in Caragh 4km away.
  • Do a POWDER check on your bike i.e. petrol, oil, water, damage, electrics and rubber
  • Tyre pressures are vital - please ask the instructors when you arrive for advice
  • Drink a lot of water, you will sweat and dehydrate quicker than usual in the intense sessions, drinking more water will keep you   alert and refuelled.
  • Warm your tyres up for 2 to 3 laps... before you start to go faster and increase your corner speeds. The heat of your tyres will make a dramatic difference to their ability to grip the track.
  • Ask questions
    The instructors and marshals are there to help and are happy to give you advice and help on and off the track.
  • Speed comes from being smooth and progressive not manic, the quickest riders make it look easy because they’re joining the dots from entry to apex through to corner exit.
  • Be calm, there’s no need to rush. Go at your own pace and work on your own skills, you’re there to learn and enjoy yourself. This is a track day, not a race meeting.
  • You don’t have to stay out for the full 20 minutes of each session, over the day you may do 70+ miles of riding, that’s 2 or 3 Moto GPs so there’s no shame in taking a break!

If you purchase 10 track days throughout the year, you get the 11th free!