Early Drive – for Schools

In the enclosed and completely safe facility of Mondello Park, under the guidance of our professional instructors, young drivers are taught the rudiments of driving and road safety.

The course includes:

  • A brief history of Mondello Park
  • A talk on road safety
  • A chance to try our brake reaction simulator
  • Every student gets a minimum of 20 minutes driving in one of our BMW MINI’s with a professional driving instructor alongside
  • A tour of our facilities including our Museum of Motorsport.

While Mondello Park is first and foremost a Motor Racing Circuit, at EARLY-DRIVE we show and clearly explain to the students the safety features built into racing cars and the race track itself. We explain how these are designed to minimise injuries in the event of accidents and we emphasise to the students that the same features are not available on road cars, or in normal road design.

The course lasts for a half day and definitely keeps the students interested for the duration.

EARLY-DRIVE courses can be booked at any time during the school term and can be morning or afternoon sessions. Groups of between ten and forty can be accommodated.

Courses run between 10:00 and 14:30.

The cost of this course is €50 per student.

To book contact Mondello Park on 045 860 200.



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None/Age 13+

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