Gift Certificates - Mondello Park

Motor Racing Experience Gift Certificate

The Motor Race Experience is the closest you will ever get to emulating your Formula 1 heroes.

After a classroom briefing, you’ll hop into a race-prepared saloon car with an instructor who will show you racing-driver techniques that will help you get around our track quickly, but most importantly, safely. Following your instruction laps you’ll be strapped into your Formula Sheane single-seater racing car for the drive of your life.

Two laps behind a pace car and then it’s just you against the clock. Do you have what it takes to log the fastest time in your group?

Your certificate of completion includes your lap times so that will you have a record of your achievements.

Participants must be 18 or over and hold a full Irish driving licence or learners’ permit or equivalent. Height and weight restrictions apply. For any queries please call 045 860200.

BMW Experience Gift Certificate

Our fastest cars in the fleet – These cars are far from your average BMW

You’ll build up to the agility and precision required to drive the BMW Competition model of your choice with a couple of training laps with a professional instructor in a MINI Cooper, famed for its kart-like handling and lively performance. Then the real action begins as you unleash the power of the precision-engineered BMW M engine during a series of guided pace-car laps.

All our BMW Experiences include complimentary hospitality in the VIP BMW Suite. We’ve even got a BMW Lifestyle gift for all participants.

Drive a familiar make, in unfamiliar territory.

Supercar Experience Gift Certificate

Ireland’s only high speed Supercar Experience leaves others trailing in its tyre smoke.

First, get the hang of driving a high-performance car on a racetrack with three laps in a race-prepared saloon car with your instructor alongside you. Then step into a Porsche Boxster S or Porsche 911 or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, why not experience both on our Total Supercar experience.

Participants must be over 18 and hold a full Irish driving licence or equivalent.

Drift Games Experience Gift Certificate

Learn to drift like a pro.

From its origins on the streets to high-profile Irish Drift Championship events in Mondello Park, drifting is currently the most-watched and followed motorsport in Ireland.

The Drift Games Experience is your initiation into the adrenaline-filled world of drifting. In a powerful, purpose-built Nissan 350Zs, drivers will experience cool drifting techniques with a professional instructor alongside.

Drivers must be at least 13 years of age and must be proficient at driving a manual gearbox car.

D.A.R.E Experience Gift Certificate

We start bright and early with tea/coffee and pastries in one of our corporate suites. Help yourself as often as you need to during the day and of course lunch is provided – you’re going to need a lot of enough energy to handle the adrenaline rush you’ll be experiencing on the track.


4 laps in a racing saloon with your personal instructor alongside, then timed laps in a Formula Sheane single seater racing car.


4 Laps in a Porsche Boxster S plus 4 laps in a Porsche 911.


See how the pros do it. This is a thrilling passenger ride as a professional drift instructor shows you 3 different drift techniques.


Learn to handbrake turn and wheelspin your way around our Autotest course in the shortest time possible. Go head to head against a rival on our slalom course.

Early Drive Gift Certificate

The Mondello Park based Road Safety programme EARLY-DRIVE was set up in 2004 by Mondello Park and the Irish School of Motoring to provide a new type of young driver safety awareness programme aimed primarily at Transition Year Second Level students.

The EARLY-DRIVE course requires no previous driving experience.

The idea was to use the extensive Mondello Park facilities combined with the training expertise of Irish School of Motoring to demonstrate driver safety in a new and practical manner to young people prior to them becoming drivers.

These aims have been achieved with a mix of classroom, practical sessions and demonstrations which result in students becoming safer pedestrians, cyclists and ultimately drivers.

Virtual Race Academy Gift Certificate

The Virtual Race Academy

So, you want to go racing! The Virtual Race Academy is your first step into the incredible world of Motorsport. Whether you’re interested in eSports, racing in the real-world or are just looking for an exciting and affordable gift for the petrolhead in your life, this is THE place to start!

Mondello Park is delighted to launch the country’s first and only pro-level Motorsport simulator centre, right in the heart of the Mondello Park International race track. Our state of the art simulators are used by professional race drivers, rally drivers and drifters to help them train and are now available for YOU to experience first hand!

This high octane, fully immersive virtual experience is suitable for ages 13 and up and uses our state of the art Virtual Reality simulators to give you your first taste of circuit racing in an ultra-real, fun, cost effective and risk-free environment.

Our interconnected triple screen Virtual Reality sims are the most advanced in the country and are used by race drivers, pro drifters & rally drivers as a training tool and offer real-world driving dynamics on Ireland’s only international motor racing circuit – Mondello Park.

Virtual Race Academy ProAm puts you in the thick of the action and simulates a real-world race environment. You will test, qualify and race a high performance virtual single seater racing car with slicks, wings and sequential gearbox on Mondello Park’s challenging national circuit.