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Do an Experience

Before you go through the formalities of applying for a licence, get on the track with one of our professional instructors to see what it takes to become a best-in-class driver. If you have your heart set on racing competitively, we recommend the Motor Racing Experience and the DARE experience.

Make the most of your time on the experience by asking our instructors for advice. They are only too delighted to share their love of motor racing and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Driving Experiences

Enjoy a Track Day

Track days are when you drive your own car at Mondello Park. Assuming it passes scrutiny, you can drive your car fast and hard around the track. Be warned though, this isn’t a race and there are rules and regulations to observe. What an adrenaline rush though! We partner with See upcoming track days on their website.

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Get your MI Introductory Pack

You’ll want to get involved all the more after your track day so the next thing to do is to get your MotorSport Ireland information pack. It costs just €10 and gives you further insight into motorsport in Ireland, including details of the course you will need to do if you want to compete. You should also familiarise yourself with the various motorsport classes. Click below to read all about them and get useful information such as what it costs to run a car for the year in your preferred class, for example.

Racing Classes

Complete your Introduction to Motorsport Course

This includes a practical and a theory test. All newcomer drivers in circuit racing and stage rallying are required to undertake the Introduction to Motorsport Course prior to being issued with a competition licence. Contact our Customer Experience team to book in for your Motorsport Ireland course and test, which takes a full day. You need to provide your unique reference number from your Motorsport Ireland pack to book in.

Provided you’ve studied your pack and paid attention during the course, you will be deemed by your assessor to have passed your test!

Book Your Course

Apply for your competition licence

Your Motorsport Ireland Introductory Pack includes a unique reference number, which you need to apply for your licence.

Go racing!

Congratulations! You are now a licence holder and the world of car racing is your oyster. So, whether you invest in a car or rent a vehicle and ‘arrive and drive,’ your love affair with car racing is about to get serious! Have fun.