D.A.R.E Experience - Mondello Park

Dreams are made of this.

Do the Motor Race, Supercar and Drift experiences in one unforgettable day and have a blast on the Autotest course. Quite simply the best driving experiences of your life.

We start bright and early with tea/coffee and pastries in one of our corporate suites. Help yourself as often as you need to during the day and of course lunch is provided – you’re going to need a lot of enough energy to handle the adrenaline rush you’ll be experiencing on the track.


Nothing our instructors say will prepare you for the rush of adrenaline experienced when you sit into a single-seater racing car similar to those of your Formula 1 heroes and drive it around the famous Mondello Park track.

You’ll be wearing a broad smile the whole way home!

This experience includes:

  • Safety Briefing
  • 6 laps driving a race prepared Saloon car with a professional instructor
  • 12 laps driving a Formula Sheane, single seater race car
  • Debrief and presentation of lap times



Experience just what a Porsche 911 Carrera and a Porsche Boxster S can do on a purpose-built race track with no congestion, no traffic lights and no speed limits!

This experience includes:

  • 4 laps driving a Porsche Boxster S with a professional instructor
  • 4 laps driving a Porsche 911 Carrera with a professional instructor



Are you ready to step into the world of professional drifting?

Drifting is the fastest growing motorsport in the world and combines the most exhilarating and exciting elements of multiple disciplines. You will strap yourself into one of our custom-built 280bhp Nissan 350Z drift cars and experience the rush of going sideways for the first time. Our Drift Games instructors will guide you through the fundamental techniques of drifting. This course is specifically designed for first time drivers/amateurs.

  • Introduction to Drifting
  • Handbrake Initiation (J-turn)
  • Counter-Steer Control
  • 90 Degree Drift Bend
  • Drift Games Ride-Along
  • After-Course Analysis


Learn to handbrake turn and wheelspin your way around our Autotest course in the shortest time possible. Go head to head against a rival on our slalom course.


Registration 10:00

Complimentary tea coffee and pastries

Briefing on the day’s activities

2 experiences before lunch

Complimentary lunch

2 more experiences following lunch

End-of-day debrief and presentation of certificates

The total cost of the Race, Supercar, Drift Games and Autotest experiences, if bought separately, would be over €800, but you can experience the lot for JUST €479.

Mondello Park reserves the right to alter the DARE Experience content due to unforeseen circumstances if required.



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If you are booking a gift certificate, know that you have complete peace of mind that regardless of what gift certificate you purchase, it can be used against any of our experiences.

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