Mondello Park is a working race circuit, meeting Fédération Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) safety and quality criteria.
We have a fleet of the fastest vehicles you will ever drive, tuned up and waiting.
Talk to us about our exhilarating driving experiences:


Nothing can prepare your guests for the adrenaline rush ahead.

This is the closest your guests will ever get to emulating their Formula 1 heroes. After a classroom briefing a number of training laps in a race prepared saloon car with an instructor beside them, each of your guests will be carefully strapped into a Formula 1-styled single-seater racing car!

Every lap is timed, and the clock doesn’t lie! Your guests will work with their instructor to improve lap on lap to make sure they’re at the top of the standings with the fastest lap time at the end of the session.

The sensation of driving a single-seater racing car just inches off the ground is unlike any other driving experience.



Experience true motor-sporting thrills.

Your guests will build up to the agility and precision required to drive the 3-litre twin turbo BMW M2 or M4 Competition by completing a number of training laps in a MINI Cooper, famed for its kart-like handling and lively performance.

Then it’s time to experience BMW’s iconic M powered cars. Your guests will unleash the muscle of the precision-engineered BMW M engine on the only international racing circuit in the Republic of Ireland, receiving a completion certificate at the end of the session.



Savour the drama and prestige of supercar driving.

Supercars are high-performance speed machines, offering a level of power that is a cut above the highest-end sports car.

Your guests will have the opportunity to propel a high-performance Porsche Boxster S and/or a Porsche 911 around the circuit! First, some training laps in a race-prepared saloon car, then the real action begins as they get behind the wheel of one of the most iconic machines they’ll ever drive. An instructor accompanies them at all times.

Everyone wants to drive a Porsche at some stage in their life, right?


The thrilling new-generation motorsport.

Drifting combines the most exhilarating and exciting elements of motorsport. It’s no surprise that it’s the fastest growing motorsport in the world. Your guests will experience drifting first-hand in one of our professionally prepared Nissan 350Z drift cars. With their instructor, each guest will learn cool drift techniques including handbrake initiation (J-turn), the 90-degree drift bend, switch technique and the clipping zone challenge.

Experience the rush of going sideways for the first time!



Experience the thrill, excitement and strategic planning involved in a real F1 race.

Your guests create their own mini F1 racing team of 4 to 5 people and compete against their peers on a virtual circuit for glory!

THE MISSION: Each team must organise themselves efficiently, assign roles, then manage their time during a qualifying session and a race. Equipped with live timing and vital car telemetry, team managers must make decisions about car set up and pit-stop strategies.

The magic of the Virtual Race Academy is that the race could be in Mondello Park, Nurburgring, Monte Carlo or other iconic tracks at the flick of a switch. Both the qualifying session and race are broadcast live on a big screen for the group to watch. The Virtual Race Academy is a unique team-building experience, exclusive to Mondello Park.