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As one of the first providers of driver training courses, BMW has been thrilling its customers with driving experiences in BMW Group vehicles since 1977. BMW currently offers a Driving Experience in Ireland’s only accredited F.A.I. racetrack at Mondello Park, Co. Kildare just 45 minutes’ drive from Dublin city centre.

BMW M4 Experience

The new 2022 BMW M4 Competition Coupé M xDrive take the exclusive M feeling to an even higher level. he improvements in traction, handling stability and agility enable both models to reach 62mph from standstill in only 3.5 seconds, making them 0.4 seconds quicker on the sprint than their rear-wheel drive counterparts.

Use this opportunity to try out the new BMW M4 Competition and experience true motor-sporting thrills on the racetrack. Drive a MINI Cooper training car and a 3 Litre Twin Turbo BMW M4 Competition Coupé.

The power from the 510hp straight-six engine fitted in the new models is directed via an eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic. The M-specific all-wheel drive system then divides it between the front and rear wheels as required to enhance agility, directional stability, traction and track-focused dynamics. The all-wheel drive system has a rear-biased setup in classic M style. This system allows the driver to experience even more of the hallmark M performance characteristics reflected, among other things, in even quicker acceleration.

The new 3.0-litre straight-six engine combines the hallmark high-revving character of BMW M engines with the latest version of M TwinPower Turbo technology. The engine maintains peak torque up to the moment where maximum output is reached: 650Nm is on tap between 2,700 and 5,500rpm, from when maximum output of 510hp is sustained up to the 7,200rpm red line.

0-100kmph in 3.3 seconds
Top speed is 304kmph

All courses include training laps behind the wheel of a MINI Cooper with a professional instructor alongside you at all times to help you make the most of your experience.

This Experience includes:

  • Safety Briefing
  • 3 introductory laps in a MINI Cooper with a professional instructor alongside
  • 5 laps driving a BMW M4 Competition Coupé with your instructor alongside
  • Debrief and presentation of your completion certificate
  • Enjoy light refreshments in the exclusive VIP BMW Hospitality Suite


€229 - €259

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