Early Drive – First Gear

EARLY-DRIVE is also available to individuals aged between 13 and 18, who will complete the course with other individuals.

The course includes:

  • A brief history of Mondello Park
  • A talk on road safety
  • A chance to try our brake reaction simulator
  • Every student gets a minimum of 20 minutes driving in one of our BMW MINI’s with a professional driving instructor alongside
  • A tour of our facilities including our Museum of Motorsport

While Mondello Park is first and foremost a Motor Racing Circuit, at EARLY-DRIVE we show and clearly explain to the students the safety features built into racing cars and the race track itself. We explain how these are designed to minimise injuries in the event of accidents and we emphasise to the students that the same features are not available on road cars, or in normal road design.

We firmly believe that EARLY-DRIVE will be of great benefit to you, in terms of your future road safety as a pedestrian, a cyclist and eventually as a driver.

EARLY-DRIVE individual courses are run on specific days. The course lasts for a half day.



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None/Age 13+

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